We did a comprehensive research on Best Starter WordPress Theme. If you are looking for the Best Starter WordPress Theme this is highly recommended for you.

We did a comprehensive research on Best Starter WordPress Theme. If you are looking for the Best Starter WordPress Theme this is highly recommended for you.


Starter WordPress Theme is unlike ready theme for just applying and using. This is a blank theme without any styling or layout. Sometimes some basic layout can be found. Usually most common templates are there in these kind of WordPress themes.

They have code to show posts, chronicle pages, single posts, remarks, however with least or no styling by any means. This permits subject designers to rapidly begin including their own styles and fabricate an absolutely new topic.

Starter themes don’t include styling, you shouldn’t use them as it looks, and they are not structures with custom hooks, filters, and layout tags. In any case, they can be utilized to make a parent theme.

That being stated, we should investigate probably the best starter themes for WordPress that you can use in your theme development process.

So, if you are looking for a simple WordPress theme for WordPress theme development this is the right article for you. There are a lot of free WordPress themes like OceanWP, Astra, Generatepress, and many others.


Without any delay lets see what are the 20 Best Starter WordPress Theme.

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Astra is a wonderful WordPress Theme with over 100 Starter Themes. It has ready-made website templates to start a website instantly. Basically Astra is premium theme that developers use. But installation is free and it offers some free starter templates.

Usually Astra focuses on business niche. Any business website making is possible with it in no time. Any demo site is easy to find here in Astra theme.

This is a theme that beginner and developer both can use for multipurpose website. It is easy to build a website ready to go in no time with Astra. If anyone is willing to start with a functional theme then Astra will make it lot easier for that person.


Studiopress has developed this Genesis Theme Framework. It includes a 1-click setup with huge amounts of helpful assets, demo content, plugins, and custom Gutenberg blocks.

With many features, you can use the 6 format layouts, included widgets, custom page layouts, and incredible theme options. It’s super easy to modify your site with a couple of clicks.


“Underscores” is presumably the most famous of all WordPress starter topics. It is kept up via Automatic (the organization behind blog hosting).

It is a moderate starter theme written in HTML5 and CSS. The perfect code is intended to help you to build a standard WordPress theme quickly. With Genesis, your website decoration experience will be very pleasing. It is built to serve a very user-friendly experience of WordPress theme development.


Sage has a strong following in frontend developers of WordPress. It is very well maintained also which assures better support and improvement. Sage could be a good choiche.

To avoid repeating the same code in every template it uses a Theme Wrapper. This is a very modern theme for WordPress websites. The bases of the theme are Gulp, Bootstrap and Bower.


Understrap is a theme that is very easy to use for developers and beginners. It is very SEO friendly WordPress Theme and allow it’s user to give the website very impressive look and feel.

Understrap has combined the Underscores Strater Theme and Bootstrap 4 together. That’s why this is very mobile responsive, fast, and SEO friendly at the same time.



WP Rig is a package with WordPress Starter Theme and Build Process bundled together. This is a modern WordPress Theme without any doubt. This theme is very suitable for those who wants to learn theme development.

So, I would recommend this theme to them only who wants to learn build process of a theme for WordPress. If you have have the patience and will to go through a learning process then this would be a good choice.


Catch Starter is developed by Catch Themes. Theme options is the most powerful feature that Catch Starter Theme has to offer. With this great feature, user can easily customize the theme to get most out of it.

Many customization options are available by the Theme Option like changing logo, favicon, colors, fonts, layouts, turning features on or off etc. Responsive design feature is also available in this theme.

Feature slider, featured thumbnail, featured content, dropdown menu are also included in the theme. Great user support is does matter and users are assured to get that.


Munir Kamal is developer of this great Starter Theme. The best thing about the theme is its 100% free and that too without any bloatware. The theme is highly customizable and user -friendly.

As StartWP is free of bloatware, your WordPress Website will be blazing fast and super optimized if you are using it. With many easy to use options you will be able to customize your website at your heart’s content very quickly.

I will definitely recommend you to give it a try because it is full free for now and forever. Very few good themes offer this kind of opportunity.


Beans is a very responsive and flexible theme. For developers it is really very good. It offers high flexibility, adaptive images and responsive content. And it is very lightweight also. So, if you use the theme you will have a robust website with good page speed. Which is going to help you a lot with SEO.

This SEO friendly theme is very easy to setup and customize as it comes with impressive frontend library. Who will use it in the website is deffenitely going to love it. So, give it a shot and let me know how is your experience in the comment section.


If you are looking for Starter WordPress Theme that delivers performance then you hit in the right spot. This theme is extremely performance driven. Try this on your WordPress Website and i can tell you are going to love it very much.

The theme is easy to customize, has a lot of options, it is fast. What more can you look from a Starter WordPress Theme. Try the theme and let me know in the comment how is experience.


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